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Authentic Holidays To Sri Lanka Your Ultimate Sri Lanka Vacation

Vivid culture, incredible wildlife, pristine beaches, mouthwatering authentic foods, majestic history and captivating nature from a cold climate to skin tanning sun. In essence, Sri Lanka will offer something for every traveller. This teardrop shape island nation is the gateway to a range of holiday packages from budget to luxury, also a holiday to Sri Lanka is the perfect way to ditch the freezing winter temperatures. Things you can do in Sri Lanka is an enormous scope.

Why Visit Sri Lanka

Welcoming people, Endless beaches, timeless ruins, rolling surf, amazing wildlife and flavours of food make Sri Lanka fascinating place to visit, few places have as many as UNESCO World Heritage sites as Sri Lanka, which has impressive 8 to explore. Discover country's rich culture while wandering around ancient temples, and head to the hills, to escape the tropical climate of the coast, to the cold misty mountains.

Golden speckled stretches and soft white strip of sand, whichever you choose the beaches of this island really are every bit as beautiful as everyone say. Sometimes there's is no way to get a seat on the slow but popular train to Ella but even if you have to stand, it is not so bad because you will be distracted by the beautiful views outside, colourful silk sarees of tea pickers stand out in the sea of spectacular green foliage.

There is a huge chunk of savannic grassland centred on the udawalawe reservoir is the closest country get to East Africa, you go so far to say there for elephants. Udawalawe is equal to many of the famous East African parks. Here in Anuradhapura relics of country's cultural and religious Heritage sprawl across three square kilometres, in the centre is one of the world's oldest tree, 2000 years old Sri Maha bodiya.

If it was just the rolling gardens at the base of Sigiriya it would still be a highlight, but look up and your jaw would drop as you discover 370 meter high rock that burst out of the landscape.

One good reason to visit SriLanka is, whatever your name, SriLanka has it. From sandy pristine beaches to cold misty hills or dense rainforest with thick canopy or anything in between that.Apart from heavenly beautiful nature, country has 2500 years of written history and majestic remnants, pass way beyond that time frame, few good examples are Abhayagiri vihāra (only second to pyramids of Giza), Sigiriya Rock fortress, Ruwanwelisaya, Gal Vihara and many more ancient sites, that will mesmerize you. Not to mention gigantic man-made reservoirs like Parakrama Samudraya. country's history dates back to 40,000 BP, the earliest evidence for anatomically modern human settlements comes from here which is called "Balangoda Man". There are so much more to talk about Srilanka, so why wait come and discover !!


Country is among the best destinations in the world. Here are, best awesome things to do in Srilanka. Add things you like to do, to your, "BUCKET LIST" there is something for everyone, Srilanka is waiting to offer you a myriad range of adventure, fun, and real authentic experience.


tailor made tours to sri lanka

Despite being small tropical island country is full of amazing wildlife, to lean more about wildlife kindly visit our safari Website go4safari.com or conatct us for more info.


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

While you are in train to Ella, breathtaking views are commonplace, you won't realize how slow the train is until you get down from your destination.


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

A Buddhist pilgrimage site located at 2,243 m high, lofty peak, Filled with beautiful landscape + welcoming people and most importantly Spectacular sunrise.


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

Witness the World Largest sperm whale gathering in Mirissa, Best time will be November to April, for more info kindly click here to visit our web page about Whales and Dolphins..


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

Day Tours are great way to explore the country if you only have a day or two, we have a wide rage of hassle free all inclusive day tour options starting from three major cities including Colombo.


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

Exceptionally clean fresh water, natural spring pool located on a beautiful spot right beside the beach. Locals believe The waters are supposed to be healing. Situated 25 km north to jaffna


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

Consist with four Magnificent giant Buddha statues carved into a long slab of granite, showcase Buddhist culture and ancient Sinhalese rock carving abilities.


tailor made holiday to sri lanka

Must visit UNESCO world heritage site, if you reach the summit you will be rewarded with beautiful Fresco Paintings also known as Sigiri Lalanavo or Sigiri Apsaravo


Sri Lanka ranked #1 many times in various categories as travel pros continuously recommend Sri Laka as the best holiday destination, so why wait, Come explore. Below you can find hassle-free, ready-made, All-inclusive holiday itineraries and tour packages, crafted over time and experiences by our Travel specialist. You can choose various holiday packages like cultural, adventure, beach, food, yoga, wellnes, family, wildlife, honeymoon and many more tour packages from Authentic Sri Lanka Travels.

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