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Day tours from Colombo Sri Lanka.

If you are here on a business trip to Sri Lanka or any other reason and you have a one or two day to spare why waste it make it a Sri Lanka holidays. Best Day Tour options available from Colombo to the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka, below you can select all inclusive day-tours, departing from Colombo

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Best Day tour options available from Colombo


Kandy Day tour

If you Are keen to explore the culture of Sri Lanka and its people this is a good place to visit, beside it is a UNESCO world heritage site and the pinnacle of Buddhist community all around the world.


Kithuldal day tour

Visit Kithulgala if you want to kick start your adrenaline rush in your veins. This Day tour full of fun and adventure. Also have taste of Sri Lankan cuisine while you are hungry form calorie drawing activities.


Galle fort day tour

Full of magnificent architectures, from colonial era of Sri Lanka. Much more to explore from river expedition to a pristine mangrove forest, Beaches, Stilt fishermen, Sri Lanka way of life and Sea creatures.

Udawalawe day tour

Udawalawe day tour

If you love elephants Udawalawe day tour is perfect way to watch elephants in their natural habitat, with minimum effort and less time, also you can combine a visit to udawalawe transit home, Book Now